Company Profile

Altea power monitoring solutions is a young, innovative, privately owned Company, focused on the development of innovative sensors for the measurement of voltage and current in Low, medium and high voltage power grids. Being committed to providing Quality Products that go beyond Customers expectations, Altea is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Altea’s headquarters are based in the Netherlands with a production / R&D facility in Italy, a sales & marketing office in the USA, which covers the North American markets and a sales & marketing office in the UAE covering Asia.

Altea started operations in 2009 with the design and testing of its first innovative capacitive sensor for indoor, air insulated applications. After the successful placement of this new sensor across Italy, a new family of combined, voltage and current sensors have been developed to customers’ needs for indoor, outdoor and gas insulated sub stations. To date Altea’s sensors have been successfully deployed in many different countries across the world.

Throughout its several years of operations, Altea has brought together seasoned executives in new business development and engineers with broad experiences, all with the common goal of the search and development of new and innovative cutting-edge technology. We strive to design, develop and deploy innovative Voltage and current sensors which are or will become indispensable tools for real time management and diagnosis of Energy Distribution delivered using both overhead and underground lines.

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