• Why should I use an Altea Low-Power instrument Transformer?

The main advantages of using Altea Sensors instead of traditional measurement transformers are related to saving room in the switchgear, reducing the cost of the equipment and increasing safety. Moreover, Low-Power Current and Voltage Transformers enhance better performances respect to PTs and CTs in terms of wide band, accuracy versus temperature and linearity on a larger dynamic range.

  • Which equipment can be used with Altea sensors?

All Altea Low-Power Voltage and Current Transformers are compliant to the new IEC Standard 61869-10-11. The products are suitable to be connected to new-generation meters and protection relay that have low-voltage low-power inputs. For each final application, every product connector and relevant pin-out can be customized based on Customers’ requests.

  • Which is the background of Altea in the MV metering market?

Altea was founded in 2009 with the aim of proposing innovative solutions in the field of voltage and current measurements. Since the beginning Altea cooperated with the University of Bologna (Italy) in the design of sensors and in the setup for test and validation.

Year after year the experience of the team increased by embedding voltage and current sensors in existing MV components (post insulator, separable connector, plugs) maintaining their dielectric, mechanical and environmental-proof performances.